Buzzkill Supreme sound deadening mat 3-in-1


Made from 100% pure raw materials, use this pad to treat areas of severe noise and heat problems such as your firewall, tranny tunnel, and rear wheel wells.

Buzzkill Supreme 3-in-1 mats employ mass loading as well as dampening and decoupling methods to treat your car's most problematic areas, especially in areas that have little to no factory deadening installed.

If you're obsessed with deadening (mass loading) to soundproof your car, then you'll love Buzzkill Supreme.

At 1.9 kilos per sheet, it could be the heaviest deadener product in the market.

Top most layer is a closed cell, water repelling EPDM sheet for dampening/ decoupling/ absorption.

The next layer is a 100 micrometer aluminum barrier for heat rejection, followed by a fire resistant white butyl deadening adhesive to ensure maximum noise and vibration control.

Only the purest raw materials go into our white butyl layer, unlike some butyl deadeners that may contain industrial petroleum by-products and cheap asphalt that stains your hands during installation and will catch fire and emit harmful odors.

Budget deadeners usually mix low cost black asphalt with black butyl that is combustible and releases toxic vapors when overheated. Your family deserves better than that.

Features a single sided, pressure activated adhesive, simply cut to shape, peel, and stick onto the problem area.

A roller may be used for best results. No heat gun required.

Please refer to pictures for specifications. Could also be used for flooring and doors (if weight is not an issue)

Price: PhP1,800 / sheet (7.1mm X 500mm X 800mm)