Buzzkill Speaker Kit Waveguide+Wavebreak


Designed to minimize the harmful effects of 2nd and 3rd order harmonics that wreak havoc on your speaker's fundamental wave, Speaker Kit includes a two part remedy made up of a waveguide and a wavebreak.

The waveguide is a ring that goes around your speaker's front frame and serves to channel useful audio output directly through your speaker grilles, eliminating coloration that results from sound bouncing all over the inside of your door panel. It also serves as a brace that butts up against your sidings, minimizing vibration.

The wavebreak, on the other hand, absorbs/disperses the negative wave coming from behind the speaker cone that will eventually find it's way out through the speaker cone as unwanted coloration and cancellation to the fundamental wave.

Car manufacturers often have foam speaker rings/gaskets around stock speakers, which is why they may at times have better bass response than most incorrectly done aftermarket speaker "upgrades". Imagine what it can do for a good performing speaker.


Fits all standard 6.5" speaker/midwoofers

Highly compressible 1" thick EPDM foam for filling really big or really small gaps between speaker to siding.

Water resistant.

High quality 3M pressure activated adhesive.

Can also be used for certain home audio applications.

Sold in pairs.

Maximize your speaker's true potential!

P800.00/ pair

P6,400.00/ shop pack of 10 pairs