Buzzkill Sidings Stuffer


Buzzkill Sidings Stuffer noise absorbing pad, made from 100% pure cotton materials. Use this pad to absorb unwanted ambient road noise, resonance, and vibration that enter your cabin through thin plastic/ masonite panels like your sidings, backboard, ceiling, and all other molded plastic panels.

Features a single sided, pressure activated adhesive, simply cut to shape, peel, and stick onto the back of your panels for unmatched noise absorption.

High end vehicles employ many techniques to achieve a quiet interior environment, and noise absorbent materials are one of them; something that entry and mid level vehicles don't have enough of. Now you can make things right as a retrofit upgrade.


Non combustible



Non woven cloth exoskin protects the cotton microfibers from weathering

Thickness: 20mm uncompressed

Operating temperature: -40 to 110

Size: 0.8meter (31.5") X 510mm ( 20")


*Stick onto the back of your plastic panels, not onto the car's sheet metal, use Buzzkill Original or Buzzkill Pro for sheet metal. Also, make sure to trim and skirt around moving parts and clips.

P800.00/ sheet

P6,400/ shop pack of 10 sheets