Buzzkill HoodLiner


Measures 1meter X 1.4meters X 7mmthick, more than enough to fit even full sized SUV's.

Features a single sided adhesive closed cell foam backing, with a fiber cloth aluminum weaved surface to repel heat, grease, oil and steam. Improves your engine bay's appearance as well as protects your hood's painted surface from excessive engine heat, which may cause fading and discoloration in the long run.


1. Lay Buzzkill Pro hood liner (aluminum surface side down) on top of your hood.

2. Cut to shape (including hood scoop cutouts if any).

3. Clean hood undersurface thoroughly to remove surface grease and soot buildup.

4. Peel and stick Buzzkill hood liner from back to front, peeling and sticking as you go, and avoiding as many air bubbles as possible.

PhP2,500 per sheet.

Dealer-Reseller-Jobber pack of 5 PhP10,000