BUZZKILL Single sided foam insulation tape


BUZZKILL single sided adhesive foam insulation tape is perfect for eliminating annoying rattles, buzzing and vibration-related noise that can ruin anyone's day.


Automotive (door panels,backboard,dashboard,ceiling liners,license plates etc.)

Audio (use as speaker gaskets, baffle seals,harness wraps to avoid in-car or room vibration, for car audio, home audio and pro audio)

Home (use for damping slamming doors, vibrating windows, airconditioners etc.)

Industrial/Construction/Electrical (use for sealing air conditioner ducts, eliminating metal to metal rattling, absorbing noise from generators, exhaust fan grilles damping etc.)

Made from high quality materials perfect for acoustic absorption, one side is smooth laminated while the bottom side has an adhesive backing. Very convenient and easy to use, just cut to shape/length and stick it on the offending part. A must have for every professional installer/contractor,DIYer ,it's time to separate the men from the boys!

3mm thick, 30mm wide, 10 meters long per roll.

Color :

500 pesos per roll.