Sticker labels for your OEM Engineering DIY Switch cluster kits


Customize your OEM Engineering switches even more with these high quality waterproof sticker labels. Icons are printed on the reverse side of the plastic laminate so you can be sure they won't fade or scratch off over time. Will work for both small and large lens OEM Engineering switches.

To install:

1. Gently lift the label you want from the sticker sheet with a cutter blade, making sure not to use your fingers as they will leave fingerprints (very important!).

2. Align properly on your switch's preferred spot and stick down, making sure to avoid any air bubbles.

3. That's it, all done!

Tip: (Try practicing first with other labels you don't need first if you're artistically challenged)


1. Each sheet contains 50 assorted icons/labels

2. Sold only with OEM Engineering switches, no exceptions

3. Selling only by the sheet

4. Previous owners of OEM Engineering switches are most welcome to buy. We know who you are, we have a list

Price: PhP100.00 per sheet (50 icons)