OEM Engineering DIY Cup Holders


Add a cup holder anywhere you want, just screw on any flat surface and instantly have a place to rest your precious drinks. Made of high quality commercial grade plastic, these robust cupholders provide convenience exactly where you need it. Easily fold when not in use for a clean, unobtrusive look. Two models available: Type A has a fixed ring and Type B has an adjustable ring. Please specify when ordering.

Perfect for:

-Cars, Vans, Buses, Minibuses, RV's, Tour buses, Golf carts

-Can also be used for household and office applications (put one on your office desk or side table to eliminate unsightly water stains)

Please refer to pictures for dimensions

Notes: Screws not included. Available only in black color.

Price: PhP400.00 per piece, regardless of Type.

Jobber/ Dealer/ Customizer bulk pack: 3,200.00 for 10 pcs. any mix.