OEM Engineering DIY CAR CURTAINS (VIP Style)


Easily add custom styling curtains to your vehicle! Our DIY Car Curtains require no drilling. Simply stick the rails on with the supplied high strength double sided tape and you're good to go!

Each set is good for 2 windows and provides the privacy and comfort that you and your passengers deserve. Add luxury and VIP styling to any ride.

Curtains are detachable for easy washing in the future.

2 sizes available:

70S PhP950 per set (good for 2 windows)

70L PhP1000 per set (good for 2 windows)


Available only in black.

Thoroughly clean surfaces before sticking on the rails. For difficult curves, use a heatgun to heat the plastic rails slightly to pre-bend.

See pictures for installation instructions.

For safety reasons, avoid blocking side view mirrors while driving.