Easily Add a multi-function automotive clock with our new DIY Car Clocks from OEM Engineering.

Easy installation! Just peel and stick the supplied 3M double-sided foam tape and stick your DIY Car Clock anywhere. Slim, 2.5 meter wire is easily concealable between the dashboard and windshield area. Outlet/Cigarette lighter plug allows easy plug and play connection.

Advanced DIYers can also use Cable Control's add-a-circuit for stealthier installation. Just cut the wire and connect directly to your fuse box using the add-a-circuit (sold separately). Black wire is ground, black/white wire is positive. (Use a 2.5 to 5 ampere fuse)

Multi Function! Displays time, date, cabin temperature (built-in sensor) and voltage.

Plug and play! Features a built-in rechargeable battery for storing time and date. Eliminates the need for a third +12volt constant lead for time and date memory. Clock will hold time and date even when vehicle is turned off or when battery is disconnected. Unit will turn off with your car but time and date will continue even when unit is unplugged.

Price: PhP1,000.00 per piece

PhP 2,400.00 shop pack of 3 pcs.


1. Displays military time only (24 hour format)

2. Display is blue

3. ABS plastic housing is satin black