Protect your investment with OEM Engineering's new disposable plastic car covers.

Standard fabric car covers work great most of the time, but let's face it, they're heavy, tedious to pack and very difficult to keep clean. Over time, they collect lots of dust and bird droppings and cleaning them is no easy task. Using them over and over again could actually scratch your car and make them even dustier than before you started. Leaving them on for long periods of time may also discolor your paint.


Our new disposable plastic car covers address those issues by making them very lightweight so they don't scratch your car's paint even on windy days.


Good for multiple uses! Just dispose of it when saturated with dirt and bird droppings or wash and reuse over and over again if you're a cheap bast*rd J. To wash, just rinse down while mounted on your car and let air dry.


Elastic band around the skirt allows easy install and removal. Will not blow away with the wind.


Non porous PE plastic keeps dust particles and water out

Perfect for:

Paint and motor shops, keep your client's cars clean and safe from overspray Private/public car collections Weekend cars, preserve your car wash and wax for your next joy ride Car shows, use during down time / overnight Emergency bad parking area situation, keep one in your car just in case


Please measure for yourself to verify fitment prior to ordering.

*To store, roll on both sides simultaneously from front to back or vise versa, forcing air out as you go.

3 sizes

Small PhP310.00/pc. fits all small to large sedans (may have a bit of slack for really small sedans) (6meters X 3.5meters)

Medium PhP390.00/pc. fits most pickup trucks, mini suv's (CRV, Xtrail, Escape), or very large sedans (6.6meters X 3.8meters)

Large PhP420.00/pc. fits most medium to large SUV's and Starex sized vans (7.5meters X 4.8meters)