Protect yourself and your loved ones against thieves, muggers, rapists, and violent attacks with our new Personal Alarm. Simply lift the keychain holder to activate alarm. 125db siren is designed to draw attention to yourself, as well as to repel or stun any would be attacker, giving you a chance to flee, fight back, or signal for help.

Features a built-in LED flashlight for everyday use that blinks once siren is activated. Keychain makes it perfect for hanging on your belt strap or bag for quick access in times of need.

Other applications include alerting your household during fires, earthquakes, floods and burglaries. Could also help alert rescuers and first responders to your presence in the event of a disaster.

If your car has an alarm, then you obviously deserve one too!

Available colors: Black, Pink, Blue

Important Notes

-Do not misuse or play with. Activate alarm only in emergencies.

-Short-term effects may include nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.

-Siren is very loud and prolonged exposure may result in permanent hearing loss.


PhP330.00 /piece

Reseller/ Bulk pack of 10 pcs.: PhP2,640