Code RED RFID and NFC anti-scanning card


Protect your smart ATM Debit and Credit cards from contactless theft! Modern thieves no longer need to physically steal your bank cards to rip you off. Mobile RFID scanners are all they need to steal your identity and clone your bank cards. They could be sitting right next to you in malls, buses, movie theaters or any public place and you wouldn't even know it. Until you check your bank statement later on, of course.

Each Code RED card has a built-in circuit and antenna that turns on using the scanner's E-field for power to scramble and jam the scanner's signal. Simply place your Code RED card in your wallet to protect your smart cards from would-be thieves. One Code RED card is usually enough for one men's wallet and two for long women's wallets.

Price: PhP250.00 /piece

Family and friends pack of 5: PhP1,000