OEM Engineering car Floor Mat Clips


Now available, Universal Car Floor Mat Clips designed to keep your matting from slipping and sliding all over the place.

Every driver knows how annoying and dangerous loose floor mats are whenever they ride up to your pedals and interfere with your driving. Now you can keep them locked in place.

Selling as a pack of 4 sets (2 sets for driver's side and 2 sets for passenger's side).

Each set consists of 4 pieces (see pictures).

Features high quality plastic, easily snaps into place for ease of installation. Also has teeth to grab firmly onto your carpet. Adjustable to your matting/flooring carpet thickness, just push together to lock into place.

Easily remove your matting by twisting the lock whenever cleaning is required.

Available in black color. Mount them on each corner of your matting near your seat area.


1. Position the octagon shaped clips on the corners of your floor mat farthest from the pedals area.

2. Mark and cut 1" holes, then press fit the top and bottom clips into place.

3. Position your floor mats in the car and mark the holes on your carpet flooring.

4. Cut 1" holes on your carpet flooring and slide the bottom plate into place. (You may or may not

have to lift your carpet flooring up to do this by removing the running boards)

5. Press the top plate into place and you're done!

Price:PhP500.00/set of 4