OEM Engineering Car Grommets Big Assortment Set


Plug up your firewall/flooring holes with our new grommets assortment set. Don't you just hate it when you or your installer loses or destroys your grommets and hole plugs after doing some car work? They actually serve a vital role in keeping water, smoke, and harmful odors out of your car's interior. Replace them easily and keep your car's interior safe and dry. Water seeping into your cabin soaks into your carpet and causes your floor pan to rust over time. Not to mention the stench and possible mold build-up that leaves your car smelling like sweaty gym socks!

Each of our car grommet sets includes 1 pc. each of 9 types of common grommet sizes, from oval to round, we've got you covered! Made of high quality waterproof rubber, each grommet's core has a membrane for running wires through, should the need arise. 9 assorted pieces per set, please see pictures for dimensions. Again, these are universal so please measure for fitment.

Price: PhP500.00 per set of 9 different pieces

Shop/jobber pack: PhP2,400 for 6 sets