Cable Control BUTT CONNECTORS (Vinyl Insulated Crimp Type)


Cable Control's high quality vinyl butt connectors allow easy joining of two wires. Simply strip back wire ends to be joined, insert both ends through the butt connector, and crimp firmly on both sides.

Don't throw away your old, short wires just yet. They may just be reusable again once joined together to form a longer run. Even 4AWG wires can be reconnected!

5 sizes available:

Red-fits 22-18awg wire : PhP100.00/ pack of 20pcs.

Blue-fits 16-14awg wire : PhP140.00/ pack of 20pcs.

Yellow-fits 12-10awg wire : PhP200.00/ pack of 20 pcs.

Red-fits 8awg wire : PhP160.00/ pack of 10 pcs.

Yellow-fits 4awg wire : PhP380.00/ pack of 10 pcs.