Cable Control UNIGROMMETS (fits 0awg and smaller)


Cable Control's high quality UNIGROMMETS are perfect for organizing and protecting your wires and cables from chaffing/stripping as well as giving your projects a polished and finished look.

One Unigrommet fits wire sizes from 0awg and below, so multiple wire-runs through a single grommet is not a problem.

If you've ever used grommets before, you know how tedious it is to replace drill bits over and over again to bore different sized holes. The Unigrommet spares you from all that extra time and effort. Fits a 1" mounting hole (use a hole saw bit, auger bit, spade bit, or forstner bit)

Perfect for:

Home/ Car/ Pro Audio

Office/ Home network/ Computer wire routing

Industrial/ Construction/ Lighting/ Electrical contractors

PhP190.00/ 20 pcs.