OEM Engineering QC3.0 quick charge USB CHARGERS (Toyota)


OEM Engineering's Dual Port USB Chargers are a perfect way to add charging convenience for your portable devices in your vehicle. Now with the added benefit of a single QC3.0 quick charger slot as well as a conventional 2.4 ampere slot for regular devices.

Drop-in Installation!

These are Toyota-specific models so please measure carefully for fitment to your car. Simply connect to any switched 12 or 24 volt power source such as the cigarette lighter outlet, or car radio accessory lead.


Illuminated ports for convenience. No groping around in the dark.


-Includes a 20" long fused power wire with quick release socket.

-For QC3.0-compatible devices, the QC3.0 slot will charge up to 4X faster.

-The QC3.0 slot may also be used for regular devices, but charging rate will be at a normal pace.

-Visit qualcomm.com for a list of quick charge 3.0 compatible devices.


PhP1,100 per piece