Cable Control Stainless Steel cable ties 316SS


Stainless steel cable ties for heavy duty, extreme environment conditions.These high tensile strength cable ties are perfect for engine rooms, outdoors, marine, construction,and anywhere that is exposed to a lot of heat and rain.


Rust proof

Impervious to Ulatraviolet

Very High tensile strength (130 kilos)

Flame proof


Outdoor/ Garden

Exhaust pipes

Marine/ Water sports

Off roading


Very hot metal pipes/ hoses

Motorcycle/ Bikes/ ATV's

4.6mm X 250mm (9.8") PhP250.00/ pack of 10pcs. Tensile strength 80 kilos

4.6mm X 150mm (5.9") PhP200.00/ pcak of 10pcs. Tensile strength 80 kilos