Buzzkill HeadLiner (Car Ceiling Insulator)


Buzzkill HeadLiner noise and heat absorbing mat features a 6mm thick closed cell foam layer, topped by an aluminum and PP laminated surface. Perfect for blocking out heat and noise coming from your car's ceiling. Features a single sided adhesive to make installation a snap. Simply cut, peel, and stick onto your ceiling's sheet metal to reduce environmental noise and heat.

High end vehicles employ many techniques to achieve a quiet interior environment, and noise absorbent materials are one of them; something that entry and mid level vehicles don't have enough of. Now you can make things right as a retrofit upgrade.


-Flame Retardant



-Size: 6mm X 500mm X 1000mm (1/2 meter x 1 meter )


PhP1,000.00/ sheet (spot treatment)

PhP2,400/ bulk pack of 3 sheets (Sedan)

PhP4,000/ bulk pack of 5 sheets (SUV/Van)


*Stick onto your car's ceiling sheet metal (inside cabin). Removal of your car's ceiling liner is necessary in most cases.

*Clean surface well before applying for best adhesion.

*Works great with our adhesion promoter wipes (sold separately)