GRIP & GLOW TAPE by Geckko Specialty Tapes


Geckko's new Grip & Glow tape gives new meaning to the word safety by combining the anti-slip properties of grip tape with a glow in the dark strip, making dark, slippery steps a thing of the past.

Waterproof and Weatherproof

Works great for both indoor and outdoor applications. All-weather acrylic adhesive* prevents curling or lifting around the edges yet leaves no residue when removed.

Also features a Carborundum sand grit for longer service life and best grip.

Glow part will self charge as long as exposed to sunlight or room lights. Photoluminescence will last for 2 to 6 hours depending on intensity and duration of charging

Perfect for:



-Garden pathways

-Driveways and Garages


-Ramps and inclined walkways



-Roof decks






PhP550 / roll of 50mm X 5meters (2in. X 16.4ft.)

Bulk pack of 6 rolls PhP2,640 (PhP440 each)


-Clean surface well before applying tape for best results. Make sure surface is dry, and free from dust and grease for best adhesion.