Cable Control Fleece Tape for wiring harnesses High Heat


Build wiring harnesses like most high end European automotive companies like Mercedes, BMW, Audi etc. do. Use Cable Control OEM Wiring Harness Fleece tape. High heat resistance! Rated for use up to temperatures of +105C.

-Each roll of fleece cloth tape measures: 25mm wide(roughly 1 inch) X 20meters long X .3mmthick

-Features a single sided adhesive surface that holds well and does not turn into a sticky mess over time.

-Perfect for in-cabin automotive wiring or indoor residential/commercial/industrial use.

-There's a reason why high end vehicles are so quiet, and this is one of them.

-Perfect for DIYers and shops that take pride in their work.

-Great for authentic restoration of European cars.

-Also works as a noise insulator pad for dashboard pieces, radios, clips, speaker covers, sidings etc.

Further specs:

Adhesion Strength

2.5N/cm test method: ASTM D1000

Tensile Strength

45N/cm test method: ASTM D1000


20% test method: ASTM D1000

Temperature Range

-40/+105C test method: VW60360

P250.00/roll or P2,000/ 10 rolls