Cable Control Flatliner home audio speaker cable


If you've ever thought twice about retro-fitting your home/music room with wall mounted speakers because of the hassle involved in concealing your speaker wires, then we have the solution!

Cable Control's new Flatliner speaker cable features .2mm thick, 16 gauge pure OFC copper strips with a single sided adhesive back. Simply stick them on your wall or hide them under your carpet for a true stealth install. Extremely low profile with roughly the same thickness as masking tape, and a PET sheath that's paintable to easily disappear into your wall. Perfect for DIY, and no need to pay a contractor to rip your wall, ceiling or floor apart.


-60mm width, 2 X 20mm wide pure copper strips sheathed in paintable PET

-Equivalent to 16AWG speaker wire

-Low capacitance, Excellent conductivity

-Resistance: 18ohms/ kilometer

-Working Temperature: -10 to 110 degrees

-No skin effect

-Also perfect for low voltage applications such as LED lighting

Price: PhP 4,200/ roll of 100 feet (30 meters)

Also selling by the meter: PhP175 / meter

Please refer to the pictures for installation suggestions