CARPET PROTECTIVE FILM by Geckko Specialty Tapes


Remember the feeling when your car was brand new? Now you can relive the moment with our new Carpet Protective Film.


100 micron thick transparent plastic repels water, dirt, dust, mud, grease, oil, food, and spilled drinks. Does not tear easily.

Strong Adhesive

One sided adhesive ensures our film will not come loose, yet is also removable for quick replacement without damaging your carpet. Once your protective film is soiled over time, simply replace with a new one!


Each roll measures 600mm (23.6") wide X 20meters long, with perforations every 533mm (21"). This means you get roughly 36 sheets per roll which could protect 6 large sedans assuming a coverage from front to trunk.

Easy Clean Up

Simply wipe with a damp rag to pick up spilled liquid and mud, or use a vacuum to pick up loose dirt with little effort.

Perfect for:

-Preserving a new vehicle's carpet for better resale value

-TNVS operators, protect against careless riders

-Restoring old car interiors giving it the feeling of being a brand new car again

-Vans and Off Road vehicles subject to a lot of dirt and mud

-Will also work for residential and commercial carpets, offering protection during renovation work and painting


PhP1,600 per roll of 20 meters long

Shop pack/Jobber's pack of 4 rolls PhP5,120


--Clean surface well before applying protective film for best results. Make sure to remove dust and grease for best adhesion.

-To install, simply roll out small sections of film at a time while sticking and cutting as you go. Adhesive is very sticky so avoid accidentally sticking the film to itself as it will not come apart easily. If unsure, another pair of hands is the best way to go.