Cable Control's new 4:1 thick dual wall heat shrink tubes make it easy to repair or reinforce flimsy cables and plugs, a perennial problem in today's electronic world.

To use:

1. Simply choose appropriate-sized shrink tube from the kit.

2. Cut to desired length.

3. Position shrink tube on cable or plug then apply heat from a heat gun. A lighter may be used but do exercise caution so as not to damage the cable or plug.

4. All done!

Each kit contains:

1 pc. 8mm X 6 inches (most 3.5mm audio plugs, micro usb's, type c chargers, most android chargers)

1 pc. 12mm X 6 inches (most usb's, most RCA audio plugs)

1 pc. 16mm X 6 inches (some bigger RCA audio plugs, 1'4" audio plug)

1 pc. 24mm X 6 inches (power plugs, some laptop charger plugs)


PhP150 per kit

Important Notes:

-Available only in black.

-Practice caution when using a heat gun or open flame. Allow shrink tube to cool down before handling.

-Some adhesive may flow out during heating. Simply clean off after cooling down.

-Shrink tube will set in a semi-rigid state once cooled down, giving limited flex.

-Adhesive will create a waterproof, dust-proof shell around cable / plug .


Operating range: -45C to +125C

Certificate: UL, RoHS

Tensile strength: >=12MPa (ASTM D 2671 test method)

Break elongation: >=300% (ASTM D 2671 test method)

Fire resistance: Approval (AMS-DTL-23053/5 test method)

Breakdown strength: >=15KV/mm (IEC 60243 test)

Volume resistivity: >= (IEC 60093 test)

Shrinkage (inner diameter):

8mm can shrink down to 2mm

12mm can shrink down to 3mm

16mm can shrink down to 4mm

24mm can shrink down to 6mm