Cable Control Cable Marker Tags (100 piece kit)


Easily label your wires and cables to avoid confusion and errors during installation or future troubleshooting.

2 Sizes available:

Small- fits cables 4.0mm to 5.0mm diameter (roughly 12awg to 10awg) like RCA cables, telephone cables and CAT5 cables

Big- fits cables 6.0mm to 8.0mm diameter (roughly 8awg to 6awg) like power cables, cable tv cables like RG-59, RG-6, some microphone cables

They feature plastic teeth that firmly grab onto your wire's outer jacket and will not slip, slide or roll. Color coding on the numbers makes cable identification easy, even in dimly lit installation areas. Modular construction allows multiple digit combinations of numbers. Contains the numbers 0 to 9 and 10pcs. each number = 100pcs. total. To install, simply cut off a tag and push into your cable's shaft/sheath.

Use For:

Audio/Video (car,home,pipe-in,industrial)

Ethernet (home/office network)

CCTV cameras




Small: PhP220.00/ 100 piece kit

Big: PhP280.00/ 100 piece kit