Cable Control Nylon Cable Glands


Cable Control's high quality nylon Cable Glands are used whenever transitioning from an outdoor environment to indoor, where a waterproof seal is required.

Rubber grommets don't always protect against water, dust and airborne pollutants, and do wear away in harsh environments especially when big heavy gauge wiring is involved. Cable Control's Cable Glands are designed to keep your wiring in place and create an airtight/watertight seal.

Simply thread your wire through the gland and tighten the outer nut. The gland collapses inward and hugs your wire tightly, ensuring a good seal. Also features a sealing washer/gasket to make sure you get a perfect seal when mounting the gland through walls, whether sheet metal, aluminum, plastic, or wood.

Use For:

Automotive/ Offroading/ Car Audio/ ATV/ RV

Industrial/ Machinery/ Construction

Electrical/ Solar/ Generators

Marine/ Watersports

Farming/ Fishing

M20- PhP100.00/ 2 pcs. (fits 4awg to 8awg, up to 4mm thick walls)

M20L- PhP110.00/ 2 pcs. (fits 4awg to 8awg, up to 8mm thick walls)

M25- PhP140.00/ 2 pcs. (fits 00awg to 2awg, up to 4mm thick walls)

M25L- PhP150.00/ 2 pcs. (fits 00awg to 2awg, up to 8mm thick walls)