ANTI SLIP GRIP TAPE by Geckko Specialty Tapes


Geckko's new Grip Tape is just what you need for slippery steps, walkways, boat decks, bathrooms, pools, and gardens, among others.

Protect your family, guests, customers, or workers from potentially paralyzing accidents, and protect yourself from the possibility of unwanted lawsuits.

Waterproof and Weatherproof

Works great for both indoor and outdoor applications. All-weather acrylic adhesive* prevents curling or lifting around the edges yet leaves no residue when removed.

Also features a Carborundum sand grit for longer service life and best grip.

Perfect for:

-Garden pathways
-Driveways and garages
-Basements,ramps and inclined walkways
-Kitchens and bathrooms
-Roof decks
-Docks and boats
-Firetrucks and ladders
-Factories and workshops
-Wet markets


1 inch X 10 meters PhP240 / roll

Bulk pack of 10 rolls PhP1,920 (PhP192 each)

2 inches X 10 meters PhP480 / roll

> Bulk pack of 10 rolls PhP 3,840 (PhP 384 each)

Technical data:

Adhesive: Acrylic with solvent coating
Sand grit: 80 grit Carborundum
Carrier: Black PVC film
Total thickness: 750-850 microns
Initial tack #14 steel ball: >or= to 25N/100mm
Peel adhesion to steel: >7.5N/25mm
Tensile strength: >100N/25mm
Friction: 1.13%


-Clean surface well before applying tape for best results. Make sure surface is dry, and free from dust and grease for best adhesion.