Cable Control Add-a-Main Fuse (ANS Fuse DC voltage)


Cable Control's new Add-a-Main Fuse allows you to easily add an in-line ANS fuse close to your power source for proper system protection. Each Add-a-Main Fuse comes with 2 ANS fuses of your choice, allowing you to always keep a spare for future troubleshooting.

AGU fuses and fuse holders (capsule type) have become increasingly unreliable over the years, possibly due to some shoddy manufacturing practices and cost cutting measures of lesser known manufacturers. Some of these fuses have loose internal connections right out of the box and the amperages are not always on point, leaving you vulnerable to intermittent functioning of your equipment. There's nothing more difficult to troubleshoot than that!

Our Add-a-Main Fuse holder and ANS fuses are designed to the highest standards to address those issues.


Mounting holes for screw down installation

Modular, allowing you to link several fuse holders together

Flip cover is fully removable at the hinge for convenience

Accepts standard 8awg lugs (sold separately), bigger lugs may need cover modification

High quality 5mm diameter studs

Fuse Choices (Choose any 2 when ordering)







PhP480.00 /set (Includes 1 fuse holder and 2 ANS fuses)