Cable Control Add-a-Cutoff emergency DC voltage safety switch


Cable Control Add-a-Cutoff 300 ampere emergency safety switch. We've been seeing a lot more cases of burning cars on the road lately and it's about time we put some safety measures in place. Now you can at least have a fighting chance when an emergency situation arises instead of just watching helplessly as your precious baby goes up in smoke.

Simply push, twist and remove Add-a-Cutoff's key and the circuit is immediately broken. Mount close to your car battery and install in-line with your battery's negative terminal. In the event of an electrical-related fire, immediately pull over safely, turn off your car's engine, and break the circuit with Add-a-Cutoff.

Can also be used to easily disconnect your car's battery when not in use for extended periods of time, to avoid draining. For security purposes, Add-a-Cutoff also serves as a disable switch against theft or other undesirables (like your younger brother :0) using your car.

Other uses:

Industrial machinery/DC motor driven machinery/Gas pumps etc.

High powered car audio systems/ Lighting/ Accessories (added safety against careless installation)

Offroading/ ATV/ Motorcycles



Not meant to replace fuses. ALWAYS install fuses for all aftermarket accessories.

Practice common sense safety at all times. Do not attempt to approach your car if a fire gets out of hand and reaches any source of fuel. -Will work for 12-24volts

Captain Obvious says that vehicles with multiple grounds (grounding kits and such) will have to be integrated into one Add-a-Cutoff, otherwise the circuit will not be broken when Add-a-Cutoff is disabled.

PhP400.00 /piece