Cable Control 2-in-1 WIRE CONNECTORS (Solder and Heat shrink tube combo)


Cable Control's high quality 2-in-1 wire connectors allow even novice installers to have a soldered, waterproof connection when joining wires. Built-in solder will flow onto joined wires when used with a heat gun. Soldering iron/gun is not required. No physical contact with the solder so lead poisoning issues and fumes are a thing of the past.

Once heated, solder flux will join wires, and heat shrink tubing will wrap tightly around your wire, creating a waterproof seal. All this in one time-saving action!


Designed to be used with a heat gun. Using lighters may cause uneven heating of the flux versus the shrink tubing.

Perfect for high quality copper wires. Cheap wires with aluminum filler or dirty/corroded wires may prevent the solder from adhering properly, so please choose your wires well for best results.

Please refer to the pictures for step by step instructions.

3 sizes available:

Red-fits 22-18awg wire : PhP240.00/ pack of 10pcs.

Blue-fits 16-14awg wire : PhP260.00/ pack of 10pcs.

Yellow-fits 12-10awg wire : PhP280.00/ pack of 10 pcs.