OEM Engineering TYPE B Car Assortment Clips Set


We've put together a set of the much asked for clips and fasteners as requested by you, our customers. This 115 piece set includes many of the easily damaged and harder to find clips for auto shops, jobbers and customizers, to help make your work easier and less stressful.

Broken clips and fasteners aren't always an installer's fault. Sometimes they do get brittle and damage is unavoidable. What matters most is having the necessary replacement parts handy to deal with the situation swiftly and professionally. Your clients may not always appreciate your redneck solution.


-Car hood rubber and door rubber mounting clips

-Dashboard panel and bezel clips

-Interior panel clips

-Front grille clips

-Plastic screw mount clips

-Fender liner, chin spoiler, and bumper speed clips

-Kick panel retainer clips

-Carpet retainer clips

-Door lock, door lever clips

Veteran installers know these clips well !

Please refer to the pictures for the breakdown, description, measurements and quantities of each clip included in the set.

Please read:

*I do not know if it will fit your specific car, or particular car panel, so please do not ask, just kindly measure.

*Please check images for clip dimensions and fitment. Most of these clips fit other makes and models of vehicles, so please measure.

*These are cost-effective replacement clips, not original.

*Sold as a set only, no tingi.

*12 segment tackle box is included in the price.


PhP1,000/ set of 115 assorted pcs.

Shop pack:

PhP2,400/ 3 sets (any mix of Type A and Type B )