OEM Engineering Replacement Car Clips Assortment Set (Updated)


New version from OEM Engineering, 120 pc. replacement assorted car clips. If you've been a car customizer long enough, you've probably broken or misplaced a few car clips in your lifetime, regardless of how careful you are. It's the law!...of averages and Murphy, that is. Now you can have a handy stock of the commonly used clips most often damaged or lost in the process of customizing your ride. Perfect for car accessories shops, car interior shops, car audio shops, paint and customization shops, as well as avid DIYers that can't stand having missing clips in their cars.

Each set consists of 12 variants of clips, at 10 pcs. of each kind. These include:

A. Fir tree clips- used for interior panels, ceilings, carpeted flooring, trunk panels

B. Push type retainers- used for bumpers, fender and engine covers

C. Screw type retainers- used for interior panels, running boards, dashboard pieces, trunk panels

D. Door clip retainers- used for door panels, backboards, running boards, trunk panels, body cladding


-12 segment tackle box made more compact and sturdier

-A59 clip replaced from Tan to Black

-C31 model replaced by the much larger C23 (BMW)

*We can not always know if it will fit your particular car, or particular car panel, so please do not ask, just kindly measure.

*Please check images for clip dimensions and fitment. Most of these clips fit other makes and models of vehicles not specified, so please measure.

*These are cost-effective replacement clips, not original.

*Sold as a set only.

*12 segment tackle box is included in the price.

Price: PhP1,000/ set of 120 assorted pcs.

Shop pack: PhP2,400/ 3 sets