Universal Speaker Mounts with Hood (Spacer for 6.5 inch driver)


-Untreated MDF will disintegrate as a door mounted speaker spacer if left to the elements.

-Water and dirt may wet your speaker basket over time if left unprotected resulting in rust and possible voice coil rub.

-Proper speaker mounting is critical for good bass response in door speakers.

-Professional installers spend a lot of time building proper spacers and speaker basket covers just to mount and protect your speaker properly.


Our new universal speaker mounts are made from high quality plastic and designed to withstand the elements. Cut down on install time and backjobs by doing it right the first time!

Available in 2 variants:

Hollow frame: PhP300 per pair

Shop pack: PhP2,400 for 10 pairs (PhP240 a pair)

Solid frame: PhP500 per pair

Shop pack: PhP4,000 per pair (PhP400 per pair)


-Please refer to pictures for the dimensions

-Vehicle-specific speaker mounts are also available in a separate posting.