-Add some safety and sophistication to your install with Cable Control's new stainless steel expandable braided sleeves. Made from high quality 304SS strands and weaved together perfectly to provide extreme protection for your cables and hoses, even in the harshest of environments. Turn any cable or hose into a heavy duty version of itself!


As with our regular braided sleeves, these stainless steel sleeves are expandable to 90% of its original size.


-Protect wires and hoses against abrasion, chaffing, slag, sparks, acid, projectiles and so forth

-Excellent deterrent against rodents that love soy-based wiring insulation used in some modern cars

-Provides added EMI / RFI shielding for cables

-Indoor / Outdoor / Marine use

-Great aesthetics

-Does not rust / fade / burn

-Highly flexible

4 sizes available (inner diameter)

6.8mm (expands up to 12.92mm) PhP150/ meter (5 meters minimum)

12mm (expands up to 22.8mm) PhP220/ meter (5 meters minimum

21.6mm (expands up to 41.04mm) PhP280/ meter (3 meters minimum)

29mm (expands up to 55.1mm) PhP400/ meter (3 meter minimum)

Important Notes:

-These sleeves are conductive, so make sure to isolate it from power sources, as you will otherwise turn your entire cable run into an open wire.

-Not suitable for use near open circuit boards as shorting may occur.

-Do not drape across car battery terminals.

-Ends may be terminated using Cable Control heat shrink tubing or stainless steel cable ties.

-To cut, use sharp scissors.