Rubber Foam Protector Pad


Protect yourself from hostile walls with our new all-weather, stick anywhere Rubber Foam Protector Pads. Features a fiber reinforced adhesive backing for excellent adhesion. Comes in black or white, making interior matching easier.

Great For:


Kids' rooms

Workshops / offices



Other Uses

Easy to cut so will work great for a multitude of other applications like:

License plate rattle

Aircon vibration

Rubber base or feet for appliances / equipment

Improvised rubber stoppers

Automotive interior rattles and many more


PhP500 per roll

Bulk pack: PhP3,200 for 8 rolls (PhP400 per roll)


-Please make sure wall is clean and dry for best adhesion.

-Kindly specify color preference when ordering.

-Will handle 90 degree corners but kindly make sure there is enough material left on both sides of the bend to overcome the tension of the fold. Otherwise, lifting may occur in the long run.

-Adhesive is quite strong and may lift / damage wall paint if removed later on.