PARKING BARRIER Heavy Duty Foldable Bollard by The Garage Manila


Persistently perturbed by pesky parking pirates? Fret no more and mark your territory with our Heavy Duty steel parking barriers. Works great for condominiums, office buildings, schools, hospitals, and gated communities in general.

Foldable and Lockable

Secure with the supplied padlock or replace with a lock of your own. Easily folds down once the solid, milled steel locking peg is removed.


Built and full-welded from high quality 11 gauge and 8 gauge steel. Locking nuts are used where necessary, and the barrier itself is powder coated for indoor and outdoor long-term use. Weighs 10.50 kilos each.


PhP6,800 each (not including anchors)

PhP5,440 each for 2 pieces or more (not including anchors)


Add PhP500 for 4pcs. stainless steel anchor bolts


-Mounting hole diameter is13mm, and each parking barrier has 4 mounting holes. Regular expansion bolts may be used to mount (use M12 or equivalent, 75 to 100mm long) (3/4 inch bolt spanner size, 3 to 4 inches long)