Our Hood and Trunk Edge Trim helps solve the problem of dirt and debris accumulating in your hood and trunk gutters. Discreet design on both sides of our edge trim makes it look like it came factory installed.

Easy Install!

1. Clean Surface well.

2. Peel off backing and loosely stick on edges of trunk or hood.

3. Test alignment of trim versus gap and adjust accordingly before final adhesion.

*The edge of the trim should just very lightly touch the opposite side of the gap. Too tight and you risk wearing out the paint over time. Too loose and efficacy is lessened. Readjust if necessary.

Two sizes available:

5mm (for 5mm wide gaps, more common) PhP150 / meter

7mm (for 7mm wide gaps) PhP155 / meter


-Mostly used for the left and right side of your trunk and hood. The part of your trunk and hood that is close to the glass may not always be applicable and varies from car to car. Kindly see pictures to determine applicability.

-Please measure on your own to determine the length you require.

-For sharp angle corners, simply make a miter cut.

-May also be used for doors in some cases like 2 door cars or vans with sliding rear doors. The problem with using for a 4 door vehicle is the rear door crushes the front door rubber trim when opened and may damage the trim or door over time.