-Adding a boatload of accessories to your ride is always fun, but could easily turn into a nightmare if all those new wires go unmanaged.

Our new high quality fuse blocks make it easy to consolidate all your accessories into 1 fuse block, adding safety and ease in troubleshooting for the long haul.

Available in 2 variants:

4 in 4 out

PhP240 /piece

Shop pack of 10 pieces PhP1,920 (PhP192 per piece)

Size: 8.65cm(L) X 5.32cm(W) X 4.25cm(H)

8 in 8 out

PhP560 /piece

Shop pack of 10 pieces PhP4,480 (PhP448 per piece)

Size: 15.5cm(L) X 5.32cm(W) X 4.25cm(H)


-Accepts standard ATO/ATC fuses.

-Works great with Cable Control female quick disconnects (sold separately).