BUTYL RUBBER TAPE by Geckko Specialty Tapes


Non-drying butyl rubber tape perfect for sealing of leaks and gaps. Each roll is 4.5 meters long X 8mm in diameter.


-Car door moisture barrier lining

-Car front and rear windscreen installation and leak repair

-Car headlight modifications / cleaning / repair requiring disassembly and reassembly of lens. Use butyl tape as sealant

-Filling in gaps on car firewall that vent outside odors into the car

-Home and building roof leak repair / patch up

-Gasket between vibrating panels


Working temperature: -28 to +120 degrees Celsius

Initial adhesion: #25 Bolus

Tensile strength: 25 Kilopascal


PhP500 per roll (8mm diameter X 4.5 meters long)

Jobber / shop bulk pack: PhP3,200 / 8 rolls (PhP400/ roll)


-Clean surface well before applying for best results. Make sure to remove dust and grease for best adhesion.

-Will not dry (remains always pliable and sticky) so kindly make sure it suits your intended application.

-Heat will help its adhesion strength and pliability. Working and kneading it through your fingers on really cold days will definitely make it more effective.