5 mils thick Black Nitrile rubber gloves protect your hands from dirt, grease, chemicals and other nasty stuff but still provide you enough tactile feel so as not to interfere with your work. High quality Nitrile rubber far outperforms latex or vinyl gloves and has better puncture and chemical resistance. Ambidextrous design which means left and right are the same.

Features textured fingertips for better overall grip. Manufactured in Thailand for the Chinese market. Available only in medium and large.

These are powder-free and please note that they are also non-sterile gloves, making them unsuitable for surgery and body cavity searches.

*Please see photos for size chart.


Color: Black

Thickness: 5 mils

Material: Synthetic Nitrile rubber

Length: 9 inches

Shelf life: 3 years

Manufacturing date: July 2020


PhP225/ 10 pcs. (5 pairs repacked in ziplock bag)

PhP1,800/ dispenser box of 100 pcs. (50 pairs)

***Important Notes Please Read***

-Prices in the world market have gone up significantly due to shortage of supply, resulting in triple the cost for us. As it is, we have subsidized this increase as best we can. There is no grand conspiracy on our part to deceive you, it is a simple matter of market dynamics at play. Any doubts, please do some research on international selling sites before buying. Feel free to search for this brand in particular.

-Significantly cheaper gloves in the market claiming to be nitrile are often:

1. Made from cheaper vinyl

2. Made from cheaper latex

3. Made from thin plastic used for catering (bait and switch)

4. Recycled or old stock about to expire

So please practice due diligence when purchasing.

-For purchases less than 100 pieces (50 pairs), the dispenser box is not included.