Adhesion Promoter Wipes (94 primer)


Our new Adhesion Promoter wipes are a perfect prep for adhesive tape projects where a really strong bond is required. Simply rub the pre-cleaned area with the adhesive promoter, let dry for 5 minutes, and apply your tape as usual. The treated area will have a noticeable difference.

Please note that this is not a simple alcohol based surface cleaner. It instead coats the area with a thin layer of clear adhesive primer, perfect for heavy duty, high bond strength requirements, whether for indoor or outdoor use.

To clean:

Remove old tape, spray with WD-40 or Isopropyl alcohol, and wipe away vigorously with a microfiber cloth. Toluene may also be used (only use Toluene after verifying that it does not damage the surface of your project).


Use on plastic, metal, rubber, vinyl, glass, acrylic, ceramic, fabric, wood, tiles, fiberglass or concrete. Perfect for molding tape, rubber chin spoilers and flares, grip tape, decals, vinyl wraps etc.(some people use it for car wrapping, some say don't; it's entirely up to you).

On smooth surfaces, a thin coat will be more effective than a thick one. Porous or rough surfaces may need more than 1 coat, though. Just allow each coat to dry well before applying the next layer.


PhP85 for a pack of 10 sachets

Shop / Reseller's pack of 200 sachets PhP1,360 (PhP6.80 each)


-Do not handle with bare hands. Use gloves, tweezers, or the sachet itself to hold the wipe.

-May be damaging to some sensitive surfaces. When in doubt, test first on an inconspicuous area.