Buzzkill Acoustic Foam Mats


Buzzkill ACOUSTIC FOAM MATS are perfect for music rooms, studios, KTV rooms, restaurants, home theaters, and any place where excessive reflected sound is a nuisance. May also be used inside speaker baffles to counter the negative effects of standing waves.

Easy Install

Simply cut to desired shape, peel off backing, and stick!

Comes in two variants

Buzzkill REGULAR acoustic foam

Size: 500mm X 800mm X 23mm thick

Price: PhP600 / mat

Shop pack: PhP2,880 for 6 mats (PhP480 each mat)

Buzzkill SLOW REBOUND acoustic foam (tight cell structure, more absorbent)

Size: Size: 500mm X 900mm X 15mm thick

Price: PhP1,650 / mat

Shop pack: PhP3,960 for 3 mats (PhP 1,320 each mat)


-Please make sure surface is cleaned well prior to installation.

-Mats will regain their original curvature after about a day if somehow compressed during shipping.

-Difference between the regular and slow rebound mats: The slow rebound mats have better absorption properties as well as being slightly bigger in size.